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Campbell CERT has more than 200 trained volunteers allocated into nine different active neighborhood teams. We will do 'the most good for the most people' while providing emergency support to different areas of the City of Campbell and adjacent communities in the event of a disaster.

We welcome trained individuals without regard to age, race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, political affiliation, and physical or mental ability. Take the CERT Training and join our growing team! Contact us


San Tomas West CERT

Neighborhood Association:


  • Jackie Wyckoff

The San Tomas West CERT Neighborhood was founded in 2010 with five active CERT’s by Program Manager, Steven Teeter. In 2014 he recruited Jackie Wyckoff to lead the team who, at the time, was the San Tomas West Neighborhood Association President.

San Tomas West is one of only two Campbell neighborhoods with boundaries that span both San Jose and the City of Campbell; from San Tomas Expressway to San Tomas Aquino Road and Payne Avenue to Campbell Avenue.  With approximately 1000 homes in Campbell and 1000 in San Jose, it is one of the largest neighborhoods in the county.  The San Tomas West CERT neighborhood also includes parts of the San Tomas Aquino neighborhood.

San Tomas West has a strong team with 24 actively engaged CERT Academy graduates and assistant leader David Snyder.  Five members have extensive emergency medical training, one is a certified Emergency Medical Technician.  CERT member Ann Herosy is the Regional Disaster Chairperson for the American Red Cross. Also, our team includes four HAM radio operators.

For more information regarding San Tomas West CERT, please contact Jackie Wyckoff at or (408) 337-6609.


Hamann Park


Hamann Park CERT

Neighborhood Association:


  • George Behrman
  • Isabel Barrios

The CERT program for the Hamann Park Neighborhood was founded in 2013 with four members. As of 2018, the membership has increased to more than 20 residents. We are a diverse group of altruistic individuals who are committed to the well-being of our neighbors and community. We have committed our time and efforts to learn and prepare ourselves and to engage and train others on emergency preparedness in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. The neighborhood we serve is roughly bounded by Moorpark Avenue, Winchester Boulevard, Hamilton Avenue, and Highway 17 and is shared by both the cities of Campbell and San Jose.

Trained volunteers are always welcome to join our team.  For more information regarding the Hamann Park neighborhood CERT, please contact us at


Pruneyard - Dry Creek


Pruneyard - Dry Creek CERT

Neighborhood Association:


  • Sharon Teeter
  • Mark Moore

The Pruneyard - Dry Creek CERT was formed in 2012 under the leadership of Steven Teeter.  Steven helped build the neighborhood CERT from an original 13 members to a current number of 28.  The neighborhood is bounded by Dry Creek Road to the south, Leigh Ave to the east, Hamilton Ave to the north, and Bascom Ave to the west.  There are approximately 1175 residences including two streets of apartments and duplexes in the north-east corner of this neighborhood.  Also, as part of this community, several streets east of Leigh Ave were annexed to the City of Campbell from the City of San Jose and subsequently adopted into the Pruneyard - Dry Creek area.

At least once a year, some of our members will walk a section of the neighborhood with flyers encouraging neighbors to join or at least to learn something about their neighborhood CERT.  We hold 15-minute duration radio calls every Monday evening where we practice checking-in, a hypothetical inject, and checking-out; we also hold two team exercises a year including one night exercise.  We participate in the annual National Night Out where we promote the CERT program. 

Our team members meet every third Sunday of the month for two hours where we discuss forms and procedures, have a table top exercise, and also include time to socialize. During the year, other team activities include attending County Fire refresher courses and HAM radio operator trainings, but we also volunteer at the First Aid station during city-sponsored events such as: Valentine's Run, Eggstravaganza Easter Egg Hunt, Bunnies & Bonnets Parade, Oktoberfest, and Boogie on the Avenue.

For more information regarding the Pruneyard-Dry Creek neighborhood CERT, please contact Mark Moore at (408) 375-0383 or Sharon Teeter at (408) 921-2239.


Campbell Village


Campbell Village CERT


  • Cole Cameron (acting)

Neighborhood Association:

The Campbell Village neighborhood is located between Union Avenue, Bascom Avenue, Camden Avenue, and McGlincey Drive in the southwest part of the City of Campbell.

For more information regarding the Campbell Villa neighborhood CERT, please contact this team at


Central Campbell

Morgan Park P2

Central Campbell CERT


  • Andi Fant

The Central Campbell CERT Super Neighborhood includes both Community Center and Morgan Park neighborhoods. The Community Center area is roughly bounded by Hamilton Ave, West Campbell Ave, San Tomas Expressway, and Winchester Boulevard South. The Morgan Park area is roughly bounded by Campbell Ave, Winchester Blvd, and San Tomas Expressway.

Our volunteer force is comprised of 32 CERT Academy graduates who live or/and work in either neighborhood (shown on the two maps).  We are always looking for new members from the businesses, single-family, multi-family, and high-rise housing units in our super neighborhood.

Volunteer opportunities are available in many disciplines such as: Recruitment, Communication, Planning, Search and Rescue, Triage and Treatment.  We meet the first Sunday of every month to discuss timely topics and to also practice our skills.  In addition to this, we attend ongoing education, participate in multiple drills during the year, and also provide support to various public events in the community.

For more information regarding the Central Campbell neighborhood CERT, please contact this team by email at


Downtown Campbell


Downtown Campbell CERT


  • Vince Staub

Right in the heart of Campbell, the Downtown Campbell neighborhood is located between Highway 17 and Winchester Avenue, and Hamilton Avenue and Kennedy Avenue. 

Some of the CERT members have been involved in CERT since 2003. The current team began forming in the fall of 2014 and continues to add new members.  The team is trained in disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact our neighborhoods in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. There are over 1,000 households in (and growing) the Downtown area and our team is partnering with the Downtown Campbell Neighborhood Association (DNCA) to help every household be a little more prepared for an emergency or disaster.

For more information regarding joining the Downtown Campbell neighborhood CERT or how you can get ready for an emergency, please contact Vince Staub at (408) 210-2181.



Hazelwood Neighborhood

Hacienda CERT


  • Ellen Dorsa

Neighborhood Association:

The Hacienda and Hazelwood neighborhoods border each other and CERT members from both areas currently work together as one unified group.  Active team member -from all walks of life, meet weekly via radio or via email check-in.  Monthly training meetings are held to hone skills such as the various aspects of basic First Aid and Triage, Search and Rescue, and Radio procedures and nuances of CERT activation.  Additional training is also provided to learn new skills in order to better serve Campbell residents and all aspects of the CERT program.  Members exercise emergency response skills by participating in city-wide and county-wide drills several times a year.  There are Ham radio operators in the group and many team members volunteer to work in the First Aid booths at local events in our community, along with regular participation in the annual Neighborhood Night Out (NNO) that takes place the first Tuesday of August. 

Our team and the San Tomas Area Community Coalition (STACC) actively work together to better help all of our neighbors and readily welcomes new members.  The Hacienda neighborhood is bounded by Winchester Boulevard (East), W. Parr Avenue (South), Burrows Road and S. San Tomas Aquino Rd (West), and Hacienda Ave/Virginia Avenue/Lovell Avenue (North). The Hazelwood Neighborhood is bounded by San Tomas Expressway, Sunny Oaks Ave, and S. San Tomas Aquino.

For more information or to answer any questions regarding the Hacienda and Hazelwood neighborhood CERT, please contact Ellen Dorsa at or send email to



San Tomas


San Tomas CERT


  • Lynne Formigli
  • Steve Klos

Neighborhood Association:

The CERT program for the San Tomas neighborhood was founded in 2014 with only four members. One of these members—Debbie Harris—accepted the challenge of leading this group in and around the Westmont neighborhood.

As of 2017, the team's membership has increased to more than ten extremely dedicated members. All of the members are certified Emergency Responders for the City of Campbell that reside within a two-mile radius of Westmont High School. The San Tomas members frequently practice their communication skills via handheld radios—a preferred method of communication, since radios are by far the most reliable method of communication during and immediately following a disaster. Members also attend regular meetings, drills, and social events.

The San Tomas group is a pro-active, collaborative, and cohesive team of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. The team embraces opportunities to reach out to its neighbors, as well as other Campbell and neighboring city residents. Members also participate in community outreach events, and collaborate with local schools with the goal of educating individuals about CERT, as they try to recruit more neighbors to join them in their efforts to help the San Tomas and Westmont neighborhoods during an emergency or disaster.

The San Tomas Community Emergency Response Team looks forward to the continued growth of its team and the ability to help its neighborhood.

For more information on the San Tomas neighborhood CERT, please Private Message the team lead, Debbie Harris, via the Westmont Neighborhood's Website, or by e-mail at


Union Avenue

Union Avenue Zone Maps_Page_1.png

Union Ave CERT


  • Stacy Green,
  • Mary McKenzie

Neighborhood Association:

The Union Avenue neighborhood is bounded by East Campbell Avenue (North), South Bascom Avenue (East), East McGlincy Lane/Valley Drive and La Paloma neighborhood (South), and Highway 17 (West).

For more information regarding the Union Avenue neighborhood CERT, please contact this team by email at


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